Shadow of the Colossus Movie Adaptation Nabs Director

September 4, 2014Written by Alex Co


Regardless if you’ve asked for a Shadow of the Colossus movie adaptation or not, it seems Sony is going full steam ahead with one. 

Now, a director for the film has been named and it’s Mama director Andres Muschietti. Working with Muschietti will be Seth Lochhead (co-writer of Hanna) who’ll be penning the script. Sony has plotted a Shadow of the Colossus movie since 2009, with Chronicle director Josh Trank tapped to direct the film back in 2012.

While no release window has been announced just yet, let’s just hope that if and when it does hit theaters, it’ll live up to the game’s lofty standards.

Do you even want a Shadow of the Colossus movie to happen and can a silent protagonist work if it follows the game?

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Game Informer]