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Sony Pairs Up With Korean University to Teach About PlayStation and Game Making

September 5, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

Sony Classroom

Korea’s Sangmyung University Seoul campus has joined up with Sony to create a course about PlayStation and gaming. 

Students enrolled in the course will get information on the history of gaming, game marketing, game development, and many more game-related topics. Like any other course, it runs for one semester (now until December) and features a mid-term and final exam.

Unlike other courses, however, the classroom is a bit out of the ordinary. The desks are made to look like DualShock controllers, and there are actual controllers coming out of each desk, allowing students to try out games on their personal TV screens.

On top of that, some guest speakers, including a famous Korean comedian, will be coming into the classroom. The course will also have some of the university’s own professors lecture as well.

If Sony came to a university near you with this program, how fast would you sign up?

[Source: Ilbe via Games In Asia]