FIFA 15 Gameplay Video Shows Off What the Goalkeepers Can Do

A new FIFA 15 gameplay video shows off some of what the goalkeepers can do, as well as takes a behind the scenes look at how the animations were created.

The video features Everton and USA goalkeeper Tim Howard, who talks about what it is like to be a goalkeeper. The trailer also shows Howard hooked up to a suit that helped EA animators better create a more realistic soccer goalkeeper.

The video also showcases some new goalkeeper AI, which apparently allows for them to “know when to charge and clear the ball,” as well as know when to stay back and guard the goal.

For anyone who wants to play as a goalkeeper in FIFA 15 or has had trouble with the AI in the past, check out the video to see all the changes being made.

FIFA 15 will be coming out on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on September 23.