Activision: $500 Million Destiny Budget “Shows the Confidence We Have”

September 9, 2014Written by Alex Co


Remember when it was revealed that Activision was spending $500 million on Destiny’s overall budget which includes development, marketing and such?

While that’s a big sum, it seems the publisher thinks it’s money well spent. Speaking to CVG, General Manager for Activision UK & Ireland Roy Stackhouse weighs in on the controversial figure. Asked whether Destiny is the longest, biggest and most intimidating project he’s been involved in — especially with $500 million poured in — here’s what Stackhouse had to say:

Well, to put that $500m in context – which I’m assuming you’re attributing to Bobby Kotick at the Millican Convention – that’s the whole entirety of the game. That’s development, manufacturing, marketing and so forth. It sounds like a big amount but it doesn’t just fuel one aspect.

I think it shows the confidence that we have in Destiny. It’s what Activision does best; when we partner with a development studio that can deliver a game like Destiny, we can bring that to market. There’s every indication that the launch will be something everyone will enjoy.

Did Destiny live up to the hype or its gargantuan budget? While our review is still in progress and will be published later this week, Senior Editor Chandler Wood’s early impressions have been more than favorable.

How are you enjoying Destiny so far? Is it as fun as most people claim it to be? Also, don’t forget to redeem these codes over on Bungie’s site for a bunch of in-game stuff.

[Source: CVG]