Sir Paul McCartney’s Destiny Theme Song Can be Heard Here, Offers Fun Light and Dark Imagery

September 11, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

As most of us probably know, Sir Paul McCartney recorded a theme song to Destiny that is featured in the game’s end credits. Thanks to YouTube, that song can now be heard without actually having to beat the game.

Most of the song focuses on light overcoming darkness, and how eventually humanity will rise again out of “from out of the darkness.” It goes along pretty well with the theme of the game, which is all about light battling the evil darkness.

Here is a little lyrical preview of what you will hear in Sir Paul McCartney’s song:

Some hope for the future; Some wait for the call

To say that our destiny will be the best of all

And we will build bridges up to the sky

Heavenly light surrounding you and I

Notice how he uses the word “destiny” in there — very clever! 

What do you think of Sir Paul McCartney’s Destiny theme song? Is it something you would download?

[Source: YouTube  (Kilo Juliett)]