DriveClub Download & Install Size is 17GB, PS+ Edition Not Eligible for Pre-Loading

Because he’s received so many questions about it since revealing that DriveClub went gold, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky confirmed on Twitter that the install size for DriveClub will be around 17GB. After being asked if the 17GB was just for the digital version, Rustchynsky replied, “All versions are 17GB,” meaning that the retail install size, digital install size, and PlayStation Plus Edition should all be around 17GB.

He didn’t stop there when it came to answering questions, telling one person that “DriveClub’s loading times are amazing. On average about 10 seconds or less on a stock HDD,” which is actually shorter than the 15 seconds we were originally quoted. Rustchynsky then revealed that their goal of having these short load times helped bring the install size to 17GB.

Rustchynsky also discussed a few other topics, which we’ve placed below:

  • In terms of driver customization: “There are a selection of predefined drivers, both male and female, which span a range of skin tones.”
  • When asked about the lack of split-screen, he said, “It’s something we get asked about a lot, and I wish it was as easy as just downgrading the graphics, but its a lot more complicated.”
  • Progress will carry over from the PlayStation Plus Edition to the full game.
  • The PlayStation Plus Edition won’t be eligible for pre-loading, but the full game will be.

Nothing’s set in stone, but pre-orders for DriveClub in North America and Europe may be available through the PlayStation Store next week.

[Source: @Rushy33]