Spider-Man 2 PS5 Pre-Load Is Live, Install Size Revealed

Spider-Man 2 PS5 Pre-Load Is Live, Install Size Revealed

Those who have pre-ordered Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for the PS5 can begin pre-loading the game now. We have one week to go until the game’s release, but given its install size, it’s a good idea to start downloading now.

Spider-Man 2 PS5 pre-load reveals an install size of 86 GB

Pack shots for the limited edition Spider-Man 2 PS5 console bundle mentioned that players will need at least 98 GB of space on their drives to be able to install the game. Now that the pre-load is live, we can confirm an install size of 86.268 GB, which is subject to change based on patches and regions. Localization packs make games weigh heavier in regions outside of the United States.

Interestingly, Sony released the aforementioned console bundle just a month ahead of announcing the new PS5 Slim that’ll phase out launch models starting in November. However, the new iteration won’t launch with any fancy covers, as those are set to be released starting in early 2024.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will finally be released next Friday, October 20, with its reviews going live days ahead of launch. As a reminder, the game has already made its way to some players who’ve been busy posting spoilers, so you might want to tune out all things Spidey until reviews drop.