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Telltale Wants to Use Cloud Gaming to Tell “Bigger, Greater” Stories

September 14, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Telltale Games, which is most known for its critically acclaimed The Walking Dead series, believes that cloud gaming can help to deliver better interactive experiences to players. Speaking at the Cloud Gaming USA conference in San Francisco, Telltale’s co-founder and CEO Dan Connors said that he wants to use the cloud to tell “bigger, greater stories.”

Connors also said that he wants future Telltale games to go side-by-side with the relevant television series. For instance, players watching a certain episode of Game of Thrones on HBO will know where they stand in the upcoming installment of the game. 

At GamesBeat 2014, he said that interactivity and entertainment will be at the forefront going forward, and that’s where the cloud comes in.

What we look at is, we’re now in a place where the cloud is where all media live. Since we work with franchises and work in universes, we can take advantage of that to inform our game. On the other side, as far as how players use the game and form the story creation, we feel like we’re on the cusp of an evolution of entertainment that’s bigger than games, but that brings interactivity to the forefront of entertainment as a critical piece.

Even if it’s just regular linear entertainment, it’s going to be surrounded by interactivity anyway, just through the way you get it and experience it. When we look at it, that’s the way we think about it.

We’re not sure how soon we’ll see the cloud being incorporated into Telltale games, but it would be interesting if we could watch some of our favorite television series and play their episodic games in concert.

[Source: VentureBeat]