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Video Game Degrees in the US Increased by 50% in the Last Five Years

According to statistics released by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), video game degrees in the US have increased by 50% in the past five years. Currently, a total of 390 colleges and universities across the country are offering relevant courses. 

The highest number of programs are being offered in California-based institutes. At the moment, you can choose from among 73 options in the state. New York comes in second with 26, while Illinois and Texas each have 24 institutes offering video game courses. 

President and CEO of the ESA, Michael D Gallagher, said that these statistics show an increasing demand for “high-quality and innovative video game design programs.” “This explosive growth in video game education is the rocket fuel that will propel this industry to new heights,” he added.

The video games industry is also taking an active interest in educational programs. Back in August, we reported that two God of War developers will be teaching a video game design course at University of California, Los Angeles. And more recently, Epic Games announced that its Unreal Engine 4 will be available for free to students and educators

If any of our readers are interesting in finding out more about these courses, take a look at the full list on the ESA’s website.

[Source: Games Industry]