New Destiny Update Released, Helps Fix Centipede Error (Update)

September 15, 2014Written by Jason Dunning



Following the release of the Destiny update, Bungie Community Manager Deej wrote this in the forums, suggesting most of the Centipede issues have been fixed:

We have determined the cause at the root of most of the issues being encountered on university campuses. We have been in touch with network admins at most of the universities listed on this forum (thanks again for helping us help you). In summary, there are network security devices that have been incorrectly identifying Destiny traffic as a bit-torrent.

We have also reached out the manufacturers of the security devices in question. They’ve been awesome, and have released an update that will allow you to play on a network protected by their hardware. That update will need to be applied by your local network administrators, assuming they have not done this already.

Unfortunately, Deej added that there are still problems: “Progress is being made, but we know that more of you are still out there. This work never stops. An entire team exists at Bungie to support you. Keep talking to us.”

Original Story:

Earlier today, Bungie issued the latest update for Destiny, weighing in at 296MB on PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, no official patch notes have been given yet, with Bungie’s site only saying, “Pardon our dust! Destiny is being updated. You will be returned to the title screen to install a title update and will be able to continue playing afterwards.”

One thing we do know this patch addresses is the Centipede error experienced on campuses, with Community Manager Deej saying last week:

We have isolated the issue and are working with security device manufacturers to release a fix this coming Monday, September 15th. Affected universities will need to apply the patch from the security device vendor to fix the problem.

Once the patch is released, we’ll add details to this thread that you can forward to your network administrators. Stand by, be brave, and have a nice weekend.

Also, on Twitter last Friday – perhaps in response to the infinite ammo exploit – Bungie stated, “FAIR WARNING: The Banhammer has been swung this week. Play Destiny the way it was meant to be played, Guardians.”

Have you noticed any major changes after installing the latest update? Will you be participating in the Vault of Glass event?

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