Players Exploiting Infinite Ammo Cheat in Destiny

This news is bound to annoy people, but if you’re playing Destiny, you might want to watch out for cheaters who have discovered an infinite ammo exploit in the game. Kotaku reports that a bunch of videos have appeared on the internet, showing players shooting indefinitely without ever having to reload.

On a slightly positive note, none of the videos seem to actually make it clear how these players deploy the little hack, but if Bungie doesn’t step in anytime soon, it’ll only be a matter of time before it does becomes a widespread nuisance. 

While we wait for the developer to snap into action, you can read our review of the game here. PlayStation LifeStyle’s Chandler notes that Destiny’s lore is “intriguing” and it is a “ton of fun with friends.” Don’t forget that Bungie has also listed upcoming events for those wishing to participate including the infamous Iron Banner event.

[Source: Kotaku]