Pix the Cat Comes to PS4 & PS Vita in Early October, PS4-Exclusive Mode Revealed

Developed by Pastagames, Pix the Cat is a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita cross-buy title releasing in early October in North America and Europe, with no price given.

For PS4 owners who pick up Pix the Cat, there will be an exclusive Arena mode, which is described as a local multiplayer combat game mode where you fight up to three other players to be the last PixBot standing.

The above trailer helps show off Arena in action, with Designer Nadim Hassad explaining it in further detail:

You will collect ammo-eggs that make your tail longer (and slow you down) and then use them to destroy your opponents. Three egg-types grant you different weapons: the white stun-shots, the green proxy-mines, and the purple amok-rockets.

You can also choose to consume your ammo-eggs for a continuous “Dash” to ram through your opponents. Dashing is colorblind and will burn through purple, green, and white ammo-eggs alike.

Find your own style to go with each of the seven Arenas — they cater to all! From Trap-Tsar to Lean Mean Missile Launching Machine, through the Insta-Head-First-Rusher without forgetting the Unstoppable Dash Train, every strategy has its place… and its score screen medal.

Don’t underestimate the power of white eggs and minimalistic strategy. Collecting a lot of ammo is not always wise. A carefully timed stun shot followed up with a tiny-one-egg-dash can be extremely effective.

Some of the Arenas feature nested sub-levels you can hide in to avoid oncomers. Or use them to change battlegrounds if you think it is to your advantage. The warps can be your saving grace! But watch out, as soon as all PixBots are in the same dimension, the camera will zoom down, closing warps on its way.

If you’re having a three or four player party, killed PixBots will come back to life as ghosts. This way, you never stop playing… because if a ghost hits a live PixBot, they’ll switch, one coming back to life as the other fades away into a grudgeful ghost.

Ghosts may not be speedy but they pack a punch. If you or your ammo-tail gets caught you’ll regret it. Don’t try shooting them either, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Hassad then addressed any jealousy PS Vita owners may feel about Arena being PS4-exclusive by saying, “The Vita version has such crisp graphics and controls on the other modes that you need not be jealous!!!”

Now, this is just an observation, but the last PS4/PS Vita game to be released on the first Tuesday of the month with no announced price beforehand was Velocity 2X, which is part of the September 2014 Instant Game Collection. Does this mean Pix the Cat will be free in October? We’ll have to wait about a week to find out.

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