Bloodborne Producer Explains Why the Game is PS4-Exclusive, Says It’s “Only Possible” on PS4

(Editor’s note: the interviewee was originally listed as Director Hidetaka Miyazaki, as that was the name on the interview schedule, among other circumstantial communication oddities. That aside, here is the interview with Mr. Yamagiwa)

Possibly one of the biggest PlayStation 4-exclusive games to come early next year is Bloodborne, and with good reason; given From Software’s excellent work on the Dark Souls franchise.

Speaking to PlayStation LifeStyle in an interview at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, we asked Bloodborne Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa why the action RPG is a PS4-exclusive and here’s what he said:

I always wanted to make a game set in the Victorian era, but to make it look good — with all the clothing and the architecture and things — required a console more powerful than the ones that were around. the arrival of the PS4 finally gave us that. Bloodborne isn’t a game that could have been cross-generation, it was only possible on PS4.

Make sure you also read our hands-on impression Bloodborne at TGS. Or if you prefer to see some actual gameplay, go watch this 30-minute clip of the game in action.

Bloodborne will be out on February 6, 2015 exclusively for the PS4.