Bloodborne PS5 PC ports discussed

PS4 Emulation Community Inches Closer to Bloodborne PC

PS4 emulator ShadPS4 has made some progress with Bloodborne on PC. Its makers have managed to emulate the game’s graphics on the platform, and although they’ve only gotten as far as navigating the main menu, this is considered a breakthrough in light of previous attempts.

Fans hopeful that PS4 emulator will be able to run a playable build of Bloodborne on PC

As shared on ResetEra, a video of ShadPS4 loading into Bloodborne’s menu on PC was uploaded by one George Moralis on YouTube. Moralis’ GitHub profile shows that he has been actively working on ShadPS4.

Apparently, previous attempts at emulating Bloodborne didn’t go too far, with issues surrounding sound and graphics.

Considering how dedicated the emulation community is, we won’t be surprised if a fully playable build of Bloodborne was available on PC in the near future.

All of this seems like a missed opportunity for Sony, who has inexplicably ignored repeated requests to bring one of PS4’s best exclusives to modern platforms. FromSoftware has largely steered clear of the discourse surrounding Bloodborne, but has made it clear that it wouldn’t mind opening up the IP to a new audience.

However, the decision to do so lies with IP owner SIE.