Report: FIFA 15 on PS4 Outsold the Xbox One Version by 100,000 in the UK

September 29, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Expanding upon the UK sales numbers from last week where FIFA 15 ruled everything, a report from Metro claims that an insider told them retail sales for FIFA 15 on PlayStation 4 were 100,000 higher than those of the Xbox One. It’s important to note that Gfk Chart-Track doesn’t track digital sales, so this is strictly for sales coming through retail stores.

The report also adds that FIFA 15 sold 32% of copies of PS4, 30% on Xbox 360, 22% on Xbox One, and 15% on PS3.

Despite the reported dominance of the PS4 version of FIFA 15, things are a little bit different when it comes to hardware sales, as another report from MCV cites an “anonymous retail source,” who told them that Xbox One sales increased 155% last week, likely due to a price cut and the introduction of the FIFA 15 bundle. PS4 hardware didn’t do terribly either though, as it rose 80%.

When the September 2014 NPD retail sales results in the US are revealed on October 9, which platform do you think FIFA 15 will perform the best on?

[Source: Metro, MCV]