PlayStation Portal sales update

PlayStation Portal Outsold Xbox Series X|S in Spain Last Week

PlayStation Portal‘s launch week sales in Spain surpassed those of Xbox Series X|S combined. Sales data for the period between November 13-19 reveals that Sony‘s remote player sold 5,700 units — more than double the amount of Xbox Series X|S consoles sold (2,000 units).

Sony wants PlayStation Portal sales to be considered hardware sales

Although one week of sales in a single country (reported by Spain’s GameReactor) isn’t enough to gauge overall performance, data coming out of Europe shows that Xbox consoles continue to struggle in the region, sitting well behind the PS5.’s Christopher Dring says that despite faring better than Xbox One, the Series X|S has failed to gain momentum in Europe partly due to Microsoft starting off the generation with a lack of big exclusives.

“A lot of unreasonable pressure was put on Starfield, and it did cause some sales improvement, but it hasn’t been sustained,” Dring revealed to IGN. “PC and mobile are dominant platforms across Europe.”

Circana — the firm that tracks games industry sales in the U.S. — has revealed that Sony wants PlayStation Portal to be accounted for in hardware sales as opposed to PS5 accessories. In a now-deleted tweet, Circana’s Matt Piscatella said that the request came officially from Sony but didn’t elaborate further.