Tearaway Unfolded Gets a 17-Minute Live Gameplay Walkthrough on PS4

At EGX 2014, Tearaway Creative Lead Rex Crowle and Media Molecule Producer Michelle Ducker brought a live demo of Tearaway Unfolded on PlayStation 4, where they talk about the game and show you how it looks on the console. You can see the gameplay beginning at 2:00 and ending at around 19:00.

Following the gameplay presentation, there was a Q&A session, where Rex said “maybe” to a Tearaway 2 on PlayStation Vita, talking about how their focus is on Tearaway Unfolded right now, but they’ve put a lot of energy into creating the world of Tearaway and they want to “be able to use it as much as possible and tell more tales with it.”

Elsewhere in the Q&A, it was said that they want to reward players of the original Tearaway, and Media Molecule will hopefully be able to talk about their other PlayStation 4 game “soon.”

Tearaway Unfolded will be out in 2015 on PlayStation 4, with the development team targeting 1080p/60fps.