Horizon Zero Dawn Gets a 20-Minute Quest Walkthrough, PS4 Pro Gameplay Video

With everyone now able to talk about what they experienced at the Horizon Zero Dawn media event last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a 20-minute quest walkthrough with Guerrilla’s David Ford and Dennis Zoetebier. Since the quest takes place in the middle of the game, expect there to be some spoilers.

PlayStation Access, meanwhile, provided some 4K PlayStation 4 Pro gameplay footage and listed 7 Things You Must Do in Horizon Zero Dawn:

Over on the PlayStation Blog, SIEE’s Gillen McAllister explained the importance of campfires in Horizon, and how saving works:

Campfires need to be unlocked through discovery, but once you’ve done so they double up as save points (quick or manual save for alternate save points) and fast travel points. The game will also automatically save during quests.

McAllister also revealed that the eye-like icon at the top middle of the screen displays your stealth status, Aloy’s ear-mounted Focus device can scan creatures for weak spots and track things of interest, there’s conversation wheels and narrative-driven flashpoints (offering three different approaches to key situations that’ll shape Aloy and her relationships), the weapon selection and ammo crafting menu wheel is pulled up by holding L1, you don’t have to sit through an unskippable animation when harvesting things like wood or berries, Aloy can slide by tapping Square while running, and you can access Photo Mode from the pause menu, which lets you use the various editing options like Depth of Field, time of day, colorize, and more.

As for progression, the three skill trees let you improve stealth (Prowler), attacks (Brave), or healing and collecting (Forager).

Horizon Zero Dawn releases on February 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe for PS4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]