Report: The March 2017 PlayStation Plus Lineup May Include Tearaway Unfolded & Disc Jam

According to a flyer obtained by Gameblog, the two PlayStation 4 PlayStation Plus free games of March 2017 will be Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam.

Released in 2015, Tearaway Unfolded is an updated version of Tearaway for PlayStation Vita. In our review, we said, “What could have been a simple cash-in HD port of the handheld title was instead lovingly (paper)crafted by the developers into a vastly improved, dedicated PS4 platformer.”

Disc Jam, meanwhile, is an action sports game for one to four players that recently entered beta on PS4. Answering some questions earlier this month, High Horse Entertainment Founder Timothy Rapp said they were aiming for a “late Q1 2017” launch, so a March 7 release would fit right into that window.

Rapp also said Disc Jam will have local co-op at launch, it will cost somewhere in the $15 to $20 range, and, because it’s a skill game at its core, “there is no randomness or rubber banding of any kind.” Asked about cross-platform play with PC, Rapp replied, “While cross platform play is something we are always looking at, but there are both business and technical hurdles that make this a significant undertaking. We are only a two man team so while we would like to deliver this feature, it would have to come online after launch.”

Expect full details on the six March 2017 PS+ titles tomorrow, March 1, before they go live on Tuesday, March 7. We’ll send out a last chance reminder for the February PS+ titles on Monday.

Would you be happy with Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam next month?

[Source: Gameblog, PlayStation Blog via Wario64]