The Evil Within Videos Continue Behind the Scenes Look, Covers Audio and Visual Design

Continuing The Evil Within’s behind-the-scenes videos that debuted last week, Bethesda has rolled out another trio of videos for the upcoming horror game.

In the first video called “Inspirations: The Origins of Evil,” Adam Sessler sits down with legendary Game Director Shinji Mikami, where the Resident Evil creator shares his love of old horror and sci-fi films and how it helped in creating The Evil Within.

In the second video, Sessler talks with Shuichi Kobori and Ippei Shiraki, who head up the game’s audio team. Watch and listen as how sound plays a hand in immersing the player in “Audio Desing: The Sounds of Evil”

Finally, Sessler tackles The Evil Within’s aesthetics with “Visual Design: The Aesthetics of Evil” with Art Director Naoki Katakai.

Are you picking up The Evil Within when it frights its way to stores this October 14?

[Source: Beth Blog]