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Watch 11 Minutes of Resident Evil HD Remaster Gameplay

October 7, 2014Written by Alex Co

With Resident Evil HD Remaster set to come out sometime next year, we now have our first-ever look at PlayStation 4 gameplay footage from the remake.

The two videos almost clock in at almost 12 minutes combined, and gives us a glimpse of game protagonists Jill Valentine and Chris Redfiled as they battle the undead for the umpteenth time. 

The horror title’s set of Trophies can be viewed here. Now, if you’re curious how this remake stacks up visually against the original GameCube — which itself was based on the PS1 classic — you can check the gallery below.

Are you looking to play the first Resident Evil one more time or should Capcom stop remastering old classics and instead announce Resident Evil 7?

[Source: GameSpot]