“Essential” DriveClub Diagnostics Could Interrupt Online Play Over the Next 24 Hours

October 9, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


As promised, the latest update on Facebook regarding DriveClub’s servers was given by Evolution Studios today. Unfortunately, it’s only to inform us that diagnostics will be run over the next 24 hours, resulting in potential disruptions in online play for those who are able to get connected.

Here’s their latest statement:

During the next 24hrs we are running essential diagnostics to help us improve the performance of the servers. This may disrupt online play for you when you do get connected.

We are sorry we don’t have more news to share right now but we will keep working hard to get you all up and running online as quickly as we can.

Despite all these problems with the DriveClub servers and delay of the PlayStation Plus Edition, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky confirmed, “For those in the UK, if you have purchased either the Full Digital Edition or the PS+ Upgrade of DriveClub it will be available tomorrow.”

[Source: DriveClub (Facebook), Paul Rustchynsky (Twitter)]