Rainbow Six Siege Video Introduces “Behind the Wall,” Shooter is in Pre-Alpha

October 10, 2014Written by Alex Co

Over on the official Rainbow Six site, Ubisoft is introducing a new Rainbow Six Seige video series called “Behind the Wall.” 

So, just what will this new video series be about? Ubisoft says, “”Behind the Wall” is a weekly content series that will live here on the Rainbow Six blog. It was time that we brought you into the development process by sharing some materials we’ve been working on through weekly blog posts. Each week we’ll be exploring in depth some of the main design, tech and creative decisions made over the course of the development. Behind the Wall will feature exclusive content & materials ranging from game design docs, prototype videos, concept art as well as interviews with members of the dev team. Following each weekly topic, we’ll host an ongoing discussion on the subreddit before moving on.”

For this month, Ubisoft will cover the following topics:

  • One Life, why we chose no repawn as a rule in Rainbow Six Siege
  • Hostage Rescue, and how it changes the dynamic from standard team matches

Also in the post, is the revelation that Rainbow Six Siege is in pre-alpha, which at least means the dev team is already progressing and this won’t be another cancelled Rainbow Six game. Next week be where the first topic will be covered and will be “about One Life, a design decision that lives at the core of our promise to provide a high tension, tactical experience.”

[Source: Rainbow Six]