Sword Art Online: Lost Song Gameplay Details Revealed, Players Can Now Take on the Role of a New Character

Arriving via this week’s copy of Dengeki PlayStation are the first gameplay details for the recently announced Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Taking place in the game world of ALfheim Online, players will be roaming around a new continent called Svart ALfheim. The world is said to have multiple different kinds of terrain and big worlds for you to fully explore,  stretching roughly 16 square kilometers in size.

Compiled below are the big details coming out of Dengeki PlayStatin .

  • Players can take on the role of someone other than Kirito, a first for the Sword Art Online games.
  • Combat is split between land and air battles, with most dungeon battles being done on land.
  • Jumping is implied as a new feature to land battles, and air battles are said to afford you complete freedom of maneuverability.
  • Parties are now made up of three players, all dictated by the player. A number of new characters will be making appearances.

That is all the news for the time being, but there should be more releasing in the near future.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is set to release in Japan next year for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

[Source: Gematsu]