New DriveClub Update, Server Upgrades Coming Within 24 Hours

Yep, it’s that time of day when Evolution Studios gives us our latest status update on DriveClub. For today, the developer has announced that we’ll be getting a new DriveClub patch within the next 24 hours, alongside server upgrades, which will help to improve server performance, clubs, and multiplayer functionality.

Unfortunately, Evolution is also going to be running some diagnostics, which may result in some disruptions to online play. They say this will be kept to a minimum.

Here’s the full statement from Evolution Studios today, October 15:

Over the next 24 hours we are rolling out a new game update alongside server upgrades that will help to improve server performance, clubs and multiplayer functionality.

We are also running essential diagnostics periodically to help us continue to improve server performance, which may disrupt online play for you when you get connected. This will be kept to a minimum.

We’re glad that more of you are getting to play online but we are sorry that many players are still having a hard time getting connected. We are working around the clock to improve connectivity and will keep you informed as we continue to make progress.

As you could probably tell, there’s still no update regarding the status of the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition.

[Source: DriveClub (Facebook)]