DriveClub Diagnostics Will Impact Online Play Over the Next 12 Hours, Face-offs Coming Back “Soon”

As part of their status update today, October 16, DriveClub developer Evolution Studios confirmed patch 1.04 is available worldwide. Likely to do with the PSN issues today though, they say, “Lots of reports from players having to retry the 1.04 download over & over for it to be successful. Keep retrying. PSN team is investigating.”

Looking at the online functions of DriveClub, more servers and upgrades are coming online hour-by-hour, and Face-offs will be brought back “soon.” However, diagnostics will be run for the next 12 hours (should end around the morning of October 17), which may disrupt online play for you.

Elsewhere, Evolution did address the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition today, but unfortunately they only said, “We are still also working hard to get [it] out as soon as possible and hope to update you on this soon.”

Here’s the full statement from Evolution Studios about DriveClub as of October 16:

We have a few new updates for you today as we work toward getting everyone connected and racing together in DriveClub:

  1. The latest game update (1.04) is now available to download worldwide and you will need to install it in order to play online. Your PS4 will prompt you to download the update from PSN as soon as you fire up the game.
  2. More servers and new upgrades are still coming online hour-by-hour, so we expect improvements to server connectivity and reliability for everyone. We will be bringing Face-offs back into play soon.
  3. Essential diagnostics are still running periodically (for the next 12 hours) to help us continue to improve server performance. This may disrupt online play for you when you get connected.

We are still also working hard to get the PS Plus Edition of DriveClub out as soon as possible and hope to update you on this soon.

[Source: DriveClub (Facebook)]