NBA Live 15 Demo for the PS4 to be Available on Launch Day

October 21, 2014Written by Alex Co


While EA has struggled a fair bit with its NBA Live franchise the past few years, it looks to revitalize the series with NBA Live 15.

Now, if you’re on the fence on whether to get it, you’ll be glad to know that EA will have access to a demo on October 28, which is the same day the basketball sim launches.

PlayStation 4 hoopsters will have access to a classic game demo beginning on October 28. The demo includes a “Finals Atmosphere” Cleveland vs. Oklahoma City matchup with five-minute quarters. Ballers can also play through the adidas Learn LIVE Tutorial featuring Damian Lillard.

Xbox One owners who are also part of the publisher’s EA Access program will be able to download the game a few days earlier with a six-hour trial starting on October 23. 

Those curious how the game fares this year might want to read our extensive NBA Live 15 hands-on preview. Or if you’re looking for more info, check out our hour-long interview with EA Sports where they detail the changes and challenges in reinventing the Live series.

[Source: EA Sports]