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NBA Live 15 Ask Me Anything Interview With EA Sports

NBA Live 14 was a disappointing release for gamers, NBA fans and for EA Sports. It received below average review scores from us, and from folks all across the internet with IGN praising only one thing, the net.

I was invited last month to sit down with Sean O’Brian (@seanobs), Executive Producer for the NBA Live franchise, to have an Ask-Me-Anything style interview and to check out the improved visuals at the EA Sports Bar at EA’s Redwood Shores offices. I ended up delving into topics that weren’t quite ready to be discussed, so we have held off on publishing our lengthy (one-hour) interview with him until now. I was asked back again this week to sit down withConnor Dougan (@eadougie), Gameplay Producer for NBA Live, and I was able get some hands on time with the game, run through the new tutorial mode, and then go head-to-head with Connor in both a casual scrimmage and then a full on game.

More on that surprising match-up can be read about in our NBA Live 15 hand on preview here.

For those of you that missed them, here’s a basket-full of screenshots