Walmart Begins Selling Used Games Today in 1,700 Stores

Walmart has begun selling used video games in around 1,700 of its 4,800 stores today in an effort to compete with retailers like GameStop  that have a hold on the gaming market.

Since March of this year, Walmart has allowed customers to sell used video games at its stores. In return, Walmart offers in-store credit, which can be used to purchase anything that the mega-stores carry. Now, all of those games that Walmart bought up are being sold back to the public at reduced costs, explained Walmart senior vice president for entertainment Laura Phillips.

Our goal is to buy used video games for more, and ultimately sell certified pre-owned video games for less.

Despite the obvious competition, GameStop president Tony Bartel recently told Bloomberg that he wasn’t concerned, saying that the move actually “helps us, because it raises awareness that you can turn in video games, and we have the lion’s share of the market.”

Will you buy used video games from Walmart? Or are you more comfortable shopping at places that have been doing this for years, like GameStop?

[Source: Bloomberg via]