Walmart Starts Game Trade-In Program, GameStop Launches ‘Never Walk a Trade’ Program

Walmart recently launched its foray into the used games market with their new trade-in program. The large retail chain will be accepting trade-ins for in-store credit only. There will be no cash option as there is in GameStop. However, unlike traditional GameStop store credit, Walmart in-store credit is not limited to gaming related merchandise and can be used on things like food and clothing.

Software trade-ins can be done either through their website or at the physical store, while hardware trade-ins are exclusively online  (they ship you a packaging label). If you’re interested in the program, you can check an item’s trade-in value here.

In related news, GameStop launched its Never Walk a Trade campaign offering an extra 20 percent trade-in credit in select stores, likely in retaliation to Walmart’s new program. A GameStop representative confirmed the promotion in a statement to GameSpot.

We did just launch a program called ‘Never Walk a Trade.’ The program includes many features, one of which includes empowering our store managers and associates to offer customers– when they believe it is needed–the best value for their pre-owned video game and consumer electronic products. This program is focused on helping ensure we continue to provide the most valuable trade-in offers against all competitors and not lose an opportunity to meet our customer’s needs based on trade-in value.

The reason we introduced this program is because we want to continue to elevate customer awareness of the unique proposition of the GameStop buy-sell-trade model.

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