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BioWare’s Anthem Is Going for a Penny at GameStop

BioWare’s doomed Anthem game is now available for a penny each at some GameStop outlets, customers have reported. As spotted by Kotaku and Fanbyte, TikToker ClockLava shared a video of her brand new coaster that she picked up for $0.01, weeks after a Reddit user picked up 37 copies of the game for less than 50 cents with tax included. For those who aren’t aware, GameStop has a policy of marking down games to $0.01 before chucking them in a garbage dump, so now is your final chance to avail this offer!

Anthem was abandoned in February 2021

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Anthem game was doomed from the start. The game went through development troubles, launched in an abysmal state for a AAA product, and continued its downward spiral post launch. At one point, Sony was reportedly offering refunds to upset players. For its part, EA and BioWare continued to promise improvements and did somewhat make an effort to salvage the game, but it became clear that Anthem’s problems were beyond fixing.

Then came Anthem NEXT, which was supposed to be a substantial reinvention of the game, or at least that’s what BioWare said in February 2020. Exactly a year later, EA gave up and decided to drop Anthem NEXT’s development to keep the game running as it was at the time. This move was followed by several high-profile departures from BioWare along with reports of poor leadership and development planning.

Rest in peace.

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