Sony: Resogun PS Vita Version “Is Coming,” More PS4 DLC Teased (Update)

October 30, 2014Written by Jason Dunning



Housemarque revealed that Climax Studios is handling the Vita version of Resogun:

Original Story:

While the big Resogun news today was supposed to be all about the DLC, Sony XDEV Studio Europe Executive Producer James Hawkins overshadowed that when he revealed Resogun would be getting a PlayStation Vita version:

Keep watching this space, the VITA version is coming and is looking, sounding and most importantly, playing great!

This confirmation comes after Housemarque said in January 2014, “If we were to port the game to Vita, and other platforms like PS3, right now we’d have to implement some limitations in the technology of the game. We haven’t got an official stance on that, but it wouldn’t be the same Resogun on other platforms.”

So far all we know about Resogun on PS Vita is that it’s happening, so stay tuned for more info.

As for the Resogun PlayStation 4 DLC, the Halloween Human variants are live up to November 1, the Mo Bros are live all through November, and more information on a potential Photo Mode and the next Season Pass content is coming soon:

Happy Halloween

  • Resogun owners playing the game today and all the way up to 1st November will automatically receive the Scarecrow and Skeleton Human variants free of charge. Get them before they disappear forever! (Or until we bring them out again next year!)

Support Our Mo Bros

  • The Mo Bro human will automatically be added to your game free of charge if you play at any time between 1st November and 30th November. This human is a limited edition and will not be made available again – show your support and grab a Mo Bro Human!

More to Come

  • This is just the start of things to come for Resogun this month. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more news about our anniversary celebrations, some updates for our season pass members and much more. In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here’s a screenshot (see header image) of a human, dressed like a commando, shooting never before seen ships in a new environment at an angle that could only be possible using some sort of photo mode perhaps? Take from that what you will.

Are you still playing Resogun on PS4?

[Source: PS Blog]