PlayStation Plus Membership Rises to 7.9 Million Subscribers

After PlayStation Plus subscriptions rose 90% in 2013 following the PlayStation 4 launch, Sony revealed in a post-earnings conference call today that PS Plus has reached 7.9 million subscribers.

No further details about how many of the 7.9 million people are PS4 owners, but back in May, Sony President Kaz Hirai said “approximately half” of all PS4 owners owned a PlayStation Plus subscription, which is required for online play on the system. At the time of that comment, there were 7 million PS4s sold.

A video from PlayStation revealing the November 2014 PlayStation Plus free games was posted earlier this week, but then taken down quickly after. With the new games set to enter the Instant Game Collection on Tuesday, November 4, Sony should re-confirm the free titles very soon.

Also during the earnings call, Sony revealed they plan to enter the Chinese market in early 2015.

Are you one of the nearly 8 million PlayStation Plus subscribers?

[Source: Games Industry]