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7 Underrated PS2 Classics You May Have Missed

If this list is to be believed, there are said to be over 3,800 PlayStation 2 games released. Think you can count how many you’ve tried? If you played two games a week for the rest of the PS2’s lifespan (2000 to 2013), the total could be around 1,300 games, which is still less than a third of all releases.

The point? There are probably at least a couple of thousand PS2 games you have yet to experience. Not all of those are worth playing, to be sure; here are some underappreciated gems that you may have missed.

Are there any games in this list that you haven’t played yet? Are there any obscure PS2 games you think more people should try out? Heck, is your PS2 still alive to run any of these underrated games? Not all are available in the PSN after all. Let’s talk about it below!

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