The Crew Season Pass DLC & Free Post-Launch Content Detailed

To help expand your experience with The Crew beyond what’s included in the game itself, Ubisoft has announced a Season Pass for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, priced at $24.99/£19.99 (individual packs will cost $6.99/£5.49).

First off, every Season Pass holder will receive two exclusive cars when the game launches on December 2: the McLaren 12C and the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Past that, the Season Pass includes four full-featured add-on car packs, totaling 12 additional cars; 23 additional tuning kits unlocked to spec out the Season Pass car lineup for premium performance on any terrain; all official paintjobs and rims for each car; and an exclusive sticker with each pack.

Season Pass holders receiving one week early access, here’s the four add-on car packs you can expect:

  • Extreme Car Pack – Performance vehicles that’ll help you stay ahead of the pack in thrilling, high-octane missions. Available January 2015
  • Speed Car Pack – These sports cars are finely tuned for racing at breakneck speeds. Available February 2015
  • Vintage Car Pack – Visiting an iconic American locale? You’ll want to be seen in these equally iconic rides. Available March 2015
  • Raid Car Pack – When heading off the beaten path, you can’t do better than these all-terrain vehicles. Available April 2015

If you don’t want to buy the Season Pass, there will be a whole host of free content given to everyone in the coming months, which include new missions themed with each DLC pack, new PvP modes, new customization options, and much more:


In related news, The Crew closed beta starts today and ends on November 10 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Need a code? We have plenty!

How do you think The Crew post-launch content compares to that of DriveClub?