The Crew Closed Beta Key Massive Giveaway

Want to be a part of The Crew’s upcoming closed beta? Why wouldn’t you want to, right? Thanks to Ubisoft, we can make that happen. Yes, you read that right! PlayStation LifeStyle is giving you the chance to take part in the closed beta for Ubisoft’s upcoming social racer with our beta key giveaway!

Listed below are what participants can expect in this exclusive beta. Bear in mind that it won’t be the full gamut of maps. cars and features, but after playing it, you should get a good sense of how The Crew plays.


The Crew closed beta will let players explore the entire United States without seeing a loading screen, and take part in a variety of challenges, which are outlined below.

• Midwest: All missions and skill challenges

• East Coast: All skill challenges

• West Coast, Mountain States, South: Open for free- roaming!

For the purposes of the beta, missions and skill challenges will only be available in the Midwest, and challenges in the East Coast. In the full game at release, it will, of course, allow all challenges and missions throughout the entire US map. As for PvP (player vs. player) matches, beta members will have access to two lobbies; one for the Midwest, and another one for the East Coast.

Of course it won’t be a proper racing game without having sexy cars you can use to leave your opponents in the dust. While we won’t ruin what’s in store for players, beta participants will be able to customize their rides with the following specs:

• The Street Spec: Available in Detroit

• The Dirt Spec: Obtainable in New York

In the final game, there are three more specs that will be available and they are the Perf, Raid and Circuit. Fortunately, for those who want to see these in action, they will be shown off in the beta. So keep your eyes peeled.

Here are the instructions on how to redeem your closed beta key:

  1. Go to
  2. If you already have a Uplay Account, click on SIGN IN and log in to your Uplay Account.
  3. If you don’t have a Uplay Account, click on REGISTER and register for a new Uplay Account.
  4. Choose your platform of choice: Xbox One or PlayStation 4.
  5. Enter your unique Ubisoft Access Code into the submission field and click on SUBMIT.
  6. Once confirmation is received, your Beta key for your platform of choice will be delivered to you via e-mail prior to the Beta start date.

*Beta period accessible to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users only. Gameplay experience will vary between players with Xbox Live Gold/PlayStation Plus membership and players with Xbox Live Silver/PlayStation Network access. Please visit more details.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on The Crew; you’ll know it’s a racing game built with a heavy focus on social interactivity. This is the same case with the closed beta. Racers will be able to play with their friends at any time; or challenge rivals from all over the world — provided they’re also in the closed beta, of course.

Not sure what to expect from The Crew? It won’t be your standard racing game. In one event, instead of telling players to drive from point A to point B the fastest, the goal is to break down an enemy truck (AI controlled) within a given time limit by repeatedly ramming it. And not only that, but The Crew puts a whole new meaning to being an open world racing game. In the final game, players will be able to drive coast to coast for 90 minutes without seeing a single loading screen!

Make sure you read our glowing E3 hands-on preview where it was noted how smooth of an experience it was; and if that translates to the final game, it has the potential to stand toe-to-toe with some of the racing genre’s biggest and finest titles.

Excited? You should be — especially since Ubisoft said that it will provided free content updates to the racer once it ships. So grab a code and we’ll see you in the speedway!

The Crew is set for a December 2 release for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.