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Disney Interactive Finally Posts a Profit After Five Years

For the first time since the studio became a separate entity back in 2009, Disney Interactive has posted a profit for the year.

According to a recently released fourth quarter 2014 investor report, the company posted a $116 million profit this year. The report also noted that the company’s revenues grew by a whopping 22 percent, up to $1.3 billion. 

Disney attributes these numbers to Disney Infinity, which was released last year. Although Disney Infinity 2.0 recently came out in September, Disney senior executive vice president and CFO Jay Rasulo noted that due to the game’s late release date, measuring how well it has done would be tricky. Instead, he explained, it would be best look at the game’s sales after the holiday season.

What do you think of Disney Interactive finally making a profit? Are you fans of the Disney Infinity games at all?

[Source: Disney via IGN]