TowerFall Ascension Getting Dark World Expansion in Early 2015

Launching earlier this year on PlayStation 4 – and given away as a PlayStation Plus free title in July – TowerFall Ascension is getting a new expansion in early 2015, titled Dark World.

After receiving “countless requests for new levels, characters, power-ups, and modes,” developer Matt Thorson confirmed that Dark World “expands the game in every direction,” bringing more playable archers, levels, modes, power-ups, variants, trials, and more.

Here’s an overview of some of the content found in Dark World:

  • Vainglorious Ghoul, the Red Archer – She captains an infamous ghost ship known as The Amaranth. The Amaranth, it turns out, is also one of four new level sets in the expansion. These new locations are spread across the Dark World, a twisted reality parallel to the TowerFall world you’re familiar with.
  • Cataclysm – The final tower, Cataclysm uses procedurally generated levels to make sure every match is unique and surprising.
  • Trigger Arrows (New Power-Up) – Behaves like remote mines. Stick them to walls or ceilings in clever positions, wait for the perfect moment, and detonate when your opponents least expect it.
  • Prism Arrows (New Power-Up) – Lock your enemies in magical prisons so they have nowhere to hide.

If you want to learn more about Dark World, check out the TowerFall tumblr page.

For those of you who want to try out Dark World before its launch next year, the expansion will be playable at PlayStation Experience.

[Source: PS Blog]