“Capsule Force” Bringing PS4 Owners a Retro, Anime-Style, Arcade Experience Early Next Year

Klobit’s upcoming arcade game Capsule Force is set to bring fast-paced, anime-inspired action to PlayStation 4 owners in the near future.

Coming out sometime in early 2015, Capsule Force will have players battle it out in a 2-D arena. In either 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 combat, players must try to storm their opponent’s trap-riddled base to steal their capsule and win the game.

There will be 30 missions to choose from, eight arenas to duke it out in, and a number of retro songs to listen to while playing the game. What do you think of Capsule Force and its announcement trailer? Does the upcoming 2-D, arcade game look appealing to you at all?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]