Take-Two CEO Defends High Level of Violence in GTA V, Compares It to Films

November 19, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


When recently asked on Bloomberg TV if Grand Theft Auto V players can have sex with prostitutes and then kill them in the game, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick decided to answer the question by speaking in defense of the game’s high level of violence.

Zelnick explained the game’s violence by saying GTA V “is a criminal setting; it’s a gritty underworld; it is art.” He went on to say that despite it being a work of “beautiful art,” it “is gritty,” but doesn’t deviate too much from all the violence that people watch in movies or on TV.

Let’s make no bones about the environment in which we operate. And we stand shoulder to shoulder with other major motion picture releases, major television shows that explore a similar universe. So yeah, this is a tough universe because it’s a criminal universe.

He also made it clear that GTA V has a lot more for players to do in it than just kill prostitutes, as our own review of the recently released PlayStation 4 remake could tell you. What do you think of Zelnick’s comments? Do you think GTA V is too violent at times?

[Source: Bloomberg TV via GameSpot]