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Quantic Dream CEO: Creativity Mostly Comes From Indie Devs Who Can Afford to Take Risks

November 29, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan

David Cage

Heavy Rain creator, David Cage, said in an interview with French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur that independent video game developers can afford to take risks due to less financial pressures. He said this when questioned about his past comments regarding what he perceives as lack of diversity in the video games industry. According to a translation of the interview provided by NeoGAF user ComputerMKII, Cage said:

A lot of people in or out of the industry regularly complain about how concepts go around in circles and are very much based on violence, but there is a very large audience for those games. Today, creativity mostly emerges from the independent devs. These creators have less financial pressure and can afford to take risks, which is impossible for games with a $100 million budget.

In the same interview, Cage was asked what he thought of the criticisms that his recent title, Beyond: Two Souls, drew. He said in response that Beyond troubled hardcore gamers because it offered an unusual experience.

“Beyond” was a very polarizing game, particularly for hardcore gamers, who felt troubled in their habits by the very unusual experience that the game offered. However, a lot of players have greatly supported the game. Personally, I was very glad to see how a lot of players felt personally moved by “Beyond”. The game has been out for a year and I still receive letters from players who tell me how much the game touched them. I try to create different and atypical experiences, even if it means questioning the traditional rules of video games. I create out of passion, with a desire to explore new ways, which is impossible if you only seek consensus. 

Cage also said that Quantic Dream is currently working on something “very exciting,” which he can’t reveal at the moment. 

[Source: Le Nouvel Observateur via NeoGAF]