Go Between Shu Ferns With Tim Schafer, PlayStation’s Adam Boyes & Gio Corsi

To help drum up excitement for PlayStation Experience this weekend, PlayStation decided to do their own take on the Between Two Ferns interview videos, calling it Between Shu Ferns.

As part of the above interview with PlayStation Director of Third Party Production Gio Corsi, you’ll hear him talk about the #BuildingtheList campaign, only to be interrupted with suggestions for new games.

In the two-part interview with PlayStation VP of Publisher & Developer Relations Adam Boyes, you’ll hear the host mess up Adam’s job title, call Destiny an indie title, ask about PS Experience, and question him being Canadian:

Finally, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer was subjected to Between Shu Ferns, where they highlight how he’s not a milkman and talk about Grim Fandango:

Would you like to see more of these types of videos? Or do you think everyone should stick to their day jobs and avoid acting at all costs?