Head of Global Second Party Games and Vita Champion Gio Corsi Leaves Sony

Gio Corsi, who previously served as Head of Global Second Party Games for PlayStation, has announced his departure from Sony. According to a post on his personal Twitter account, Corsi left the company last week. For now, he’s taking a bit of break, though he does plan on returning to the industry in the future. Corsi has yet to detail what his next job venture may entail.

Corsi shared the news in a brief Twitter thread, starting with the following tweet:

According to his LinkedIn profile, Corsi has been with PlayStation since the summer of 2013. The first role he served within the company was that of Senior Director for Third Party Productions and Developer Relations. As of spring 2018, Corsi’s been working with Sony as the Head of Global Second Party Games. Fans, however, may most notably remember Corsi as a champion of the PlayStation Vita. If the Vita was to get some love during a Sony press conference, you could bet Corsi was on stage, leading the charge. His passion for PlayStation and the little handheld that could will be sorely missed.

Given Corsi’s history in the gaming industry, having previously worked in places such as LucasArts, there’s no guessing where his talents may take him next. We wish him all the best.

[Source: Gio Corsi on Twitter, LinkedIn]