Evolve Gameplay Video Gives a Peek at Evacuation Mode

While the Evolve alpha might have come and gone, developer Turtle Rock Studios isn’t done showing off the game’s new features just yet. 

In a new Evolve gameplay video, the studio showcases the “Evacuation” mode. Just what’s in the mode that’s not in the standard 4 vs. 1 matches? Allow Turtle Rock to explain it.

There’s a lot more to the hunt in Evolve. In fact, up until right now, all you’ve seen is just one mode that’s part of a bigger picture – Evacuation. Altogether it’s a combination of modes, maps, and campaign effects that provide over 800,000 possible paths, giving you a ridiculous amount of variety for a different experience almost every time you play Evacuation.

While it isn’t a campaign in the classic sense, there is a story to tell: The planet Shear is getting overrun by Monsters. Within five days, the battle for Shear will be won or lost depending on the actions of four Hunters…and, of course, one mutating Monster. Those five days are broken up into five rounds as you fight your way across the planet. The first round is always Hunt, on a randomly chosen map.

In addition to the info mentioned above, there’s a twist to Evacuation which not the devs explain, but there’s even a handy image for it, too.

Remember that “800,000 variables” number we were throwing around up top? Every time that you win a match, there is a campaign affect applied to the next map you choose. So, as one example, the Dam is saved and the Hunters win for that day.As a result, the workers are able to power up Perimeter Fences, which cut neighboring maps into half sized portions, creating an interesting advantage for the Hunters. That’s just one possible game-changing outcome from one map.

If you want to go with a picture being worth a thousand words, we put together a quick map of Shear and an example of how just one round of Evacuation could go.


What do you think Evacuation so far? Is it a mode you can see yourself sinking a lot of hours into?

[Source: Evolve]