PS4 is the Fastest Selling Console of the Decade in New Zealand

After celebrating its success in Australia, Sony sent out a press release announcing that the PlayStation 4 is now the fastest selling console of the decade in New Zealand. The console hardware market has seen an overall growth of 92 percent in the country, out of which the PS4 accounts for 46 percent. 

Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of SCE Australia and New Zealand, said:

As PlayStation powers into its twentieth year in New Zealand, we couldn’t be happier with our position with PS4 at the top spot of the interactive entertainment industry. I’ve watched this business grow over the 20 years and have had the pleasure of being part of the monumental change in innovation and category growth. Demonstrating that New Zealand truly is a PlayStation nation, PlayStation 4 is now the fastest selling home console of the decade, and reflects the passion of our players, our partners and the quality of the PlayStation offer.

Congratulations to Sony yet again!