PS4 is the Fastest-Selling Console Ever in Australia

To go along with its success in the United States, UK, and worldwide, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia revealed today at PlayFest that the PlayStation 4 is the fastest-selling console of all time in Australia, according to data from NPD Group Australia as of October 26, 2014.

This news coming ahead of PlayStation’s 20th anniversary in Australia early next year, it was also announced that the PS4 is the #1 best-selling next-gen console.

NPD Group Austrlia’s Luis Gil said, “The Console Hardware category in Australia has more than doubled in value since release of 8th Generation Hardware in 2013. PS4 accounted for a substantial 44% of the total category value since its launch [note: data is from November 25, 2013 – October 26, 2014].”

SCE Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Michael Ephraim talked about the impressive PS4 sales:

As PlayStation powers into its twentieth year in Australia, we couldn’t be happier with our position with PS4 at the top spot of the interactive entertainment industry. I’ve watched this business grow over the 20 years and have had the pleasure of being part of the monumental change in innovation and category growth; of which PlayStation has historically been a key driver of. PS4 is now the fastest selling home console in Australian history and this reflects the passion of our players, our partners and the quality of the PlayStation offer.

Along with saying the PlayStation TV comes to Australia on November 14, and PS4 exclusives The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne in early 2015, Sony said Until Dawn will be released in early 2015 as well.

If you haven’t downloaded it already, PS4 firmware update 2.01 is now available and should fix the Rest Mode bug.

[Source: PlayStation Australia]