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You Diggin’ This Bloodborne Special Edition PS4?

Sony Store has something for those just jumping into the new gen.


New Sony Video Highlights “15 Big PS4 Console Exclusives” in 2015

Bring on the games!

Chalice Dungeons Bloodborne

Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons Details and Screenshots Revealed

“Chalice Dungeons add a ton of additional content and replay value”


Bloodborne Collector’s Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses in Europe Revealed (Update)

Spending €119.99 sounds like a Nightmare.

Bloodborne Gyula Hunter

PlayStation Experience – New Bloodborne Gameplay Video Unveiled, Shows Fiery Boss

Watch the gigantic dog!


The Game Awards 2014 – New Bloodborne Gameplay Video Shows Bloody Monster Battle

So much blood!

Bloodborne Gyula Hunter

Bloodborne Reveals a New Hunter and Transforming Weapon

Looks awesome!


Bloodborne Release Date Delayed by Over a Month

Exciting Bloodborne news is coming next month.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 6.53.15 PM

GameStart 2014 – Bloodborne Interview With Masaaki Yamagiwa Talks Frame-Rate, Messengers and More

More info revealed for next year’s PS4 exclusive


Bloodborne to Have Variations of Time and Weather In-Game, But Won’t be in Real-Time

Wipe out enemies in both day and night.


Bloodborne Frame Rate Targeting 30fps Since It’s “the Best” for Action Games, Claims Producer (Update)

It’s an action game and not a first-person shooter…


Bloodborne Alpha Coming Back for One More Day, Will Include Co-Op

Those in the alpha, watch out this weekend!


Bloodborne Alpha Video Makes Its Way Online, Already Looks Spectacular

Watch if you can’t play.


North American Bloodborne Alpha Invites Going Out Today (Update)

Find out how they chose participants.


Bloodborne Producer Talks Story, Guns, Armor & Sadness – Exclusive Interview

He’s not ready for some football.


Bloodborne Producer: Introducing Guns Was a “Very Difficult” Decision, Came From Desire to Change Up Gameplay

Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki says guns won’t “break” the combat.


Bloodborne “Total Game Volume” is Bigger Than Demon Souls, Claims Producer

This should please ‘Souls fans, right?


Bloodborne Producer Explains Why the Game is PS4-Exclusive, Says It’s “Only Possible” on PS4

It “required a console more powerful than the ones that were around,” says Miyazaki.


Bloodborne Demo Only Managed to be Beaten by 20 People at PAX Prime, 40 at TGS

This is good news for From Software fans, right?


TGS Lines for Bloodborne Were Insane, for Dang Good Reason [TGS Hands-On Preview + Photos]

Check PSLS for my director interview soon.