Bloodborne Mobile

Bloodborne Mobile Is Not by Sony, Looks Like a Scam

Okay, you can put down the pitchforks now. The Bloodborne Mobile game is real, but it just looks like a rip-off. The Australian Classification Board rated Bloodborne Mobile on October 23, 2022, noting that it has a ‘G’ rating and is both published and developed by Rock Great Games. Scouring the internet, the game doesn’t seem to have any official presence apart from other articles writing about this. I also downloaded the game on my phone through the Google Play Store (so you don’t have to), and the evidence that this is just a knock-off only mounts.

What happens when you try playing Bloodborne Mobile

Bloodborne Mobile

With a 23.59 MB download size, Bloodborne Mobile opens to a screenshot of the Bloodborne box art with a red, translucent “Start Game” button overlaying it. Clicking that immediately takes you to another screen (shown above) that asks you to purchase various Premium mobile plans to access the game and to give it 5 stars on the Google Play store.

As if we needed any more red flags, the official entry for the game on Google Play just repeats the official information about Bloodborne on PlayStation 4 and grabs screenshots from Bloodborne.

The pricing is also extremely strange given that the weekly plan is $7.99 while the annual plan is $15.99. I’m not sure what happens if you actually choose to pay for the game, apart from feeling like a sucker.