Bloodborne Movie Reportedly in the Works

Bloodborne Movie Reportedly in the Works

A known insider has claimed that a Bloodborne movie is in the works at PlayStation Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment. We tend to dismiss Bloodborne rumors without further thought, but a movie project sounds more believable than reports of a PS5 and PC remake or Bloodborne sequel.

Bloodborne movie reportedly being written by Darren Lemke

According to DanielRPK — who’s generally considered reliable albeit for their Marvel leaks — the movie’s script will be penned by Darren Lemke. Lemke’s writing credits include Goosebumps, Shazam!, and Gemini Man, among others. It’s further claimed that Bloodborne will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, best known for producing G.I. Joe and the Transformers series.

Bloodborne rumors tend to be fake, but considering DanielRPK’s reputation as well as the fact that Sony’s revived dormant series Twisted Metal in the shape of a TV production rather than a new game, there may be some truth to this one. PlayStation Productions TV and movie endeavors have been commercially successful thus far, and given the high demand for something new in the world of Yharnam, it’s possible that Sony’s gauging interest in the series on a wider scale.

All that said, take this report with a customary grain of salt as well.