Bloodborne PC Port

Rumor: Bloodborne PC Port Was Canceled After Poor Horizon PC Launch

The highly-desired Bloodborne PC port was apparently canceled after the developer behind it released a poor Horizon Zero Dawn PC port, according to a rumor from a Spanish YouTuber. The developer originally in charge of the Horizon PC port was Virtuos, who is also involved in Metal Gear Solid 3 remake rumors and Marvel’s Avengers. As usual, we recommend taking this rumor with a few grains of salt.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC port had to be fixed by Guerrilla and Nixxes

The podcaster, known as BaityBait [yeah, we know] who has over 160,00 followers on Twitch, explains what he heard about the Bloodborne PC port on The Wild Project. As a summary of what he says, as translated by PlayStation LifeStyle, he “presumptively heard that, from an unknown source, Virtuos bungled the PC port of Horizon and Sony had to bring Guerrilla in to fix it. And in turn, Sony canceled the Bloodborne PC port that was being made by the same studio.”

Sony, through Guerrilla, apparently subcontracted Virtuos to develop the PC port for Horizon Zero Dawn, because at the time, it didn’t have much expertise on how to do this. Horizon Zero Dawn released on Steam in August 2020, and while it has a positive rating today, it had a slew of negative user reviews due to its poor technical performance at launch. So if Virtuos was in fact also slated to develop the Bloodborne PC port, it would make sense that Sony would have nixed that project too.

In time, Guerrilla and Sony were able to fix the Horizon PC port within a few months, and even brought in Nixxes Software to help with the game’s PC patches in December 2021, just a few months after Sony acquired it.

Fans have been clamoring for a Bloodborne PC port for years, and on Twitter, either Bloodborne itself or the #FreeBloodborne hashtag has been seen trending on the platform. In September 2022, an insider said that a Bloodborne remaster must be done by FromSoftware, but the studio is too busy (with Armored Core 6, no doubt).